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Interiors, Showrooms & Exhibit Design
Fine Artwork
Custom Furniture & Cabinetry
Who is Michael Kolesar
Navigation on the Sea of Commerce, 2011
Coloured Pencil on paper
56 cm x 14 cm
Showroom & Exhibit Design
Fine Artwork
Custom Furniture & Cabinetry
Retail, Commercial & Residential Interiors
An accomplished artist who works in ink, coloured pencil, paint and textiles, Kolesar has completed several commissioned works for patrons in Canada and abroad. He creates in both 2D and 3D. His work is available through invitation only private exhibitions and through direct sales by the artist.
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Flight into Majesty, 1982
Pointillism, Ink, 114 cm x 85 cm
Commissioned - Ron Nelson
Cardinal Assumption, 1986
Graphite, Approx 86 cm x 41 cm
Fisher Collection
Rose from the Sea, 1979
Pointillism, Ink, 51 cm x 41 cm
Bird Watching 1985 (Section)
Pencil, 137 cm x 91 cm
Contrail 1980
Embroidered Fabric 135 cm x 123 cm
From the Seed of Happiness 1983
Embroidered Fabric, 84 cm x 106 cm
Farmery Collection
Honour Guard, 1984
Embroidered Fabric, 137 cm x 64 cm
Fushika, 1984
Pointillism, Ink 22.9 cm x 46 cm
Lyons Collection
A Gentle Caress of Blue, 1982
Pointillism, Ink, 41 cm x 38 cm
Engelbertink Collection
Ducks, 1984 Cartoon for proposed larger work
Coloured Pencil, 24 cm x 8 cm
Goemans Collection
Back splash, Euroline Kitchen, 2010
Paint on wood, 457 cm x 46 cm
Long Line That Stretches into the Sky, 1985
Coloured Pencil, 41 cm x 38 cm
Apollo Triumphant, 1983
Graphite, 142 cm x 71 cm
Commissioned - Robert Steklasa
This is a small sample of artwork by Kolesar. For further inquiries about these pieces or new work currently in development, please contact the artist directly. You can also visit 'The Artist's Garret' on Facebook to see updates and photos of work in progress as the pieces develop.
Artist, Craftsman, Designer - for your next design project.
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