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This residential dining room concept was first conceived in 3D on the computer. The overall design included a dining room table and side board, window screens, a custom chandelier and an original painting. The 60 inch long chandelier was hand crafted by Kolesar using paper thin translucent wood on a bass wood frame.
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A key feature of the dining table consists of large Swarovski crystals, seemingly suspended in space
The backsplash and upper panels of this Kolesar designed kitchen consist of original paintings also by Kolesar. Similar to Japanese screens, the individual panels were pre-cut to precise dimensions, assembled and then hand painted in the cabinet maker's shop.
This custom residential wall unit was designed on the computer to fit an existing wall opening. It incorporates an aquarium, media storage cabinets, and a display niche. The background panel of the display niche is hand painted by Kolesar.
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As a designer and artist, part of the satisfaction comes in the execution of a creation, whether it's hand crafting a one of a kind lamp to match an original dining room set, or painting the panels for a unique back splash in a kitchen design.
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